Is it me, or is the life of Barack Obama, on the world stage, starting to resemble that of Aaron Hernandez the NFL star fallen from grace?

Here’s a man with the world at his fingertips.

Yet, for some odd reason, his best friend has been dissed…shot in the head even.

I’m not talking about the football player either.

A once infatuated European Union, that believed Obama was the Social Justice Jesus all liberals dreamed about, is now stunned to hear they’ve been bugged.

I find it incredibly funny.

Spying on foreign governments, in my book anyway, is expected, especially since no American’s Constitutional rights have been violated.

It’s the NSA collecting data on everything everywhere, here in the USA that bugged me.

In the old days, when the Russians were caught spying here, we took the comrade prisoner and then made a deal to retrieve one of our guys who got nabbed.

Here’s an idea EU–next time Obama travels abroad, why not take him prisoner?

We’ll give you Aaron Hernandez in exchange…after he serves his time of course.

The honeymoon in Paris (and Germany) is over and the New York Times can’t do a thing about it.


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