Empty K-Cups and Subway Wrappers

One of the surest signs of summer around our house, since our first grandchild was born, are those empty Keurig cups and sandwich wrappers from our local sub shop…(Angelina’s if I’m buying)

My wife, the gourmet cook/grade school teacher, makes a bee-line to Ohio right after classes let out,  to be a super-grandma who prays and plays with her little treasure…(soon to be plural) 

Without Natalie around, I don’t make pots of coffee or cook meals much, and my kids, especially our younger son, allows the spirit of hunger to lead him to Subway on South Street.

The half empty soda cup and wrapper rarely make it into the trash, yet the food is never to be found…(I know where that went)

In many ways, when we’re not in the presence of God, with our every thought, we can be very easily lead astray, to places where our mind accepts partial replacements for that which we know is more edifying.

When we neglect God and Bible reading, prayer is often replaced by playing around in our heads.

We rationalize that our folly is only temporary, yet we know, every unhealthy morsel of sin we digest, packs on pounds, and other unwanted nitrates to our souls.

God challenges us to stay the course when we seem alone.

We’re far too often like the Apostle Peter, who walked on water only for a few seconds.

Taking his eyes off Christ, who was in front of him, was still a choice God allowed.

What we permit of ourselves, those are the real ingredients going into our hearts, and the difference between eating cold cuts, or a savory meal.


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