Choosing a Spouse–Like the NFL Draft

I remember the 2010 NFL Draft, and thinking …”Why the heck did Belichick take two tight ends in a row?”

As the news reports started to pop, it was all good…first about Rob Gronkowski, then Aaron Hernandez.

Nothing conspicuous was said about the latter being “gangsterific”.

Once I saw him though, with his “tatts” from Hell, it was easy to see the kid had identity issues.

In our humanity, we’re often attracted to those who have talent, but are clearly on the wrong track.

The Patriots choosing Aaron Hernandez is no different from a Christian choosing a good-looking spouse, with no faith…thinking that being around you will cure them of their brokenness.

The external pleasures of a “hottie” on your arm doesn’t last long..then reality sets in…and skin deep beauty can quickly turn…well…murderous.

Think before you commit.

It’s your family name that’s on the line…not to mention your life.

Patience and prayer are far better than risky possibilities.


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