Obama Furloughs Himself to African Vacation

In case you were wondering if only Republicans were attacking Obama for his lavish vacations–guess again.

Georgia Congressman John Barrow, Democrat, just cost himself a future invite to the Rose Garden, with his daring downer on Capitol Hill–making Barack look greedy.

It’s one thing when enemies snipe at Barry, but quite another when his family talks trash.

There’ll be hell to pay I say (or would that be Valerie Jarrett I hear?) for a Democrat to embarrass the master.

Is reality starting to settle in, that this so-called leader is in it for himself?

Do folks actually know how much money $100 million dollars is?

That’s A-Rod like k’ching brethren–and then you find out he’s all juiced up to boot.

Don’t you and I have to save for years, to go on that once-in-a-lifetime vaca, with all the nicest perks omitted, even settling for a rental car that looks like a 1973 Datsun, just so we can afford the round-trip flight back home?

What real purpose, other than to have laughs on our dime, does this excursion provide for America?

Go ahead folks, keep voting for the phonies and you’ll keep on getting what you asked for–empty suits.

Thanks for telling it like it is John…you may be the lone Democrat who does.


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