Never Fear Science

One of the most common arguments anti-Christians use is that God-fearing people have no scientific basis for their beliefs.

That’s interesting.


Because it takes more faith to believe our world came about by accident than by intelligent design.

Here’s another good one they like to dish.

Don’t impose your religious beliefs on my body.

Women who crave abortion rights especially rely on that one.

Again…it takes complete denial of science to say life does not begin at conception.

Here’s the bottom line.

God doesn’t give a darn about the arguments of atheists or unbelievers.

He wants us to love them, more than we love ourselves.

Just like He did.

Why…because their arguments are nothing but veils, protecting pet sins from exposure to light.

Never argue with an atheist/scientist…just ask them what sin they’re guarding from God.

A good friend of mine shared this Nano Tech Chemist’s video with me below.

Watch it when you have a chance.

A brave Christian saved his life speaking about sin.

You have that same power…to save the lost through preaching Truth.

It’s not very scientific…it’s foolish…just like Christ asked us to be.


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