The Anti-Mamma Bear

Last night my wife and I attended a downtown event.

There was a good crowd.

Trying to be funny, I razzed an old friend and his wife about voting for (R) Gabriel Gomez in next week’s U.S. Senate race, to replace John Kerry.

I knew they were Democrats, but I teased anyway.

The wife, whom I had never met, said…”I can’t vote for him because I’m a woman.”

“What does that mean?”…I said.

“I need my right to choose”…she said.

“I get it.”… I replied–as my heart sank.

Twenty minutes later I was back home, choked with emotion, thinking about the millions of bullied defenseless babies.

I asked my wife…”Why do some women, when you ask who they’re voting for, say ‘their number one issue is preserving the right to kill their own babies?'”

My wife wisely replied…”They don’t know God.”

Thanks Natalie…I get it.

Some women, like mine, are Mamma Bears, and would do anything to protect their babies.

Other women, not like mine, would do anything for themselves, to include killing their babies.

The lady was right about one thing…it’s definitely a choice.

I’m pretty sure she never had an abortion…those we know who did, have confided they live a  life of guilt and regret.

They’re rarely the ones selling “choice”…with hearts too broken.

God–help those who don’t get it…they vote not what they do.


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