If Laryngitis Infected the Land

May I propose a hypothetical?

Imagine a virus–bigger than ever–has infected the throats of every American.

Pretend it was so debilitating–a super laryngitis of sorts–our nation was speechless.

Suppose then, every American, in order to talk, required a device, inserted into their throats; part computer–part amplifier.

Imagine again, it could take our infected voices and transmit them clearly, so we could live normal lives again.

Wouldn’t we all be happy?

Hold on.

Then visualize, after this technology rescues us, a whistle blower–years later–reveals that the government had been secretly recording every word we’ve spoken through these tiny throat computers.

Too weird?

Don’t X-out yet.

That’s what “hypothetical” means.

Tell me just one thing…how does this sci-fie tale differ from the NSA capitalizing on Alexander Graham Bell’s best invention–the telephone?

Would what’s happening to us right now, not seem like science fiction to the New World settlers of the 1600’s?

And–are not our voices too weak to shout from New York to L.A.–so we use technology–not because we’re ill–but because we have the freedom to enjoy it…combined with a market to consume it…just as we would buy medicine, or other gadgets to improve our lives?

One more question…because terrorism exists (or any other threat to society) does that give our President and his spies the right to any data within their reach?

Is the 4th Amendment moot because the mainstream media likes Obama’s spin on our enemies but hated Bush’s?

When we say “laws were made to be broken” is it not understood that we don’t mean by those elected to uphold them?

Hah!…That might be the biggest hypothetical of all…believing our administration respects law.

And as for that whistle blower…thanks for telling.


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