Social Media…the Monster

I use social media to publish my political and religious points of view, on current events.

Others use it for things like talking in the second person to loved ones, as if I give a rat’s backside about a private conversation with baby or hubby…or that they’re going to bed now…or what they ate for breakfast.

And there’s the rub.

Have we become a society so void of boundaries–in a weird way–we’re encouraging Government snooping to the max?

Last night Donald Trump was on Greta Van Susteren discussing the lack of outrage over the NSA scandal.

He’s right.

Way too many people I know–super-low information voters–still haven’t heard the name Snowden, or anything about his blown whistle.

Yet they want 832 friends to hear they have a canker sore.

It’s no wonder our country votes for village idiots–that’s who we’ve become.

Imagine a neighborhood in which every home had a break-in, yet only 10% notice their door’s been kicked off its hinges.

Our senses have been dulled by a very slow–self inflicted boil.

The death of privacy has ignited an abuse of power, like lightning hitting Frankenstein’s monster.

We’re about dead–but it’s alive!


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