Easy Choice for U.S. Senate in Mass

It’s true I criticize our local newspaper often.

But they still publish my rants.

The race for any U.S. Senate seat is important.

Please consider helping Gabriel Gomez, as he goes up against an Obama acolyte.

Published, Berkshire Eagle, June 13, 2013.

Through Astrum Solar, Massachusetts put together a program which rewards homeowners with solar energy and tax credits.

I have 23 photovoltaic panels on the south-facing roof of my house. My electric bill is now a fraction of what it was. To prepare for this solar upgrade, I hired a Pittsfield contractor to put down a new roof, in place of one that was much worn.

My decision to invest in solar energy created extra job hours for hard-working roofers in town, not to mention contractors from Astrum Solar. The promised ROI is what inspired me to spend extra capital, knowing it would be returned through lower energy costs in five or so years — including my new roof.

I recently met Gabriel Gomez, a former Navy SEAL and candidate for United States Senate, at a campaign stop at Lenco Armored Vehicles. He discussed America’s need to bring down energy costs.

In 2008, when President Obama took office, the price per gallon of gasoline was a national average of $1.83, roughly $31 per tank. If you own a car, you know we’re paying about $61 per fill up.

Mr. Gomez’s opponent, a Democrat, Ed Markey, who’s served in Congress 36 years, sent me a flyer this week, to say that Mr. Gomez would support the Keystone oil pipeline, yet he, Mr. Markey, would not. Here are a few facts. Keystone will deliver 830,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada, North Dakota and Montana to Gulf Coast refineries. It will directly create 20,000 jobs and indirectly create tens of thousands more, at a time when more than 11 million Americans are out of work.

Added reliable supply from Canada and North Dakota also will reduce the impact of oil-price spikes dictated by the OPEC cartel. And we know, based on a study by the State Department, that the project will have minimal impact on the environment.

The benefits associated with this project are widely understood: 66 percent of Americans support Keystone, according to a March Pew Research poll. And yet President Obama, with Ed Markey’s approval, refused to grant the necessary permits it needs. So it’s up to Congress to force the issue — but the effort to do so has fallen victim to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

America needs a balanced approach as it invests in her future. If ever we needed a senator who’ll stick up for “we the people,” it’s right now.

Congressman Markey has voted the party line 99 percent of the time. For him it’s not always about common sense, but choosing sides. His flyer, condemning the Keystone pipeline, makes no sense to me.

On June 25, I’ll be voting for Gabriel Gomez, for lower energy costs and much needed jobs for fellow Americans, hurting in a sluggish economy. Mr. Gomez promised a balanced approach in his role as Senator, including his votes on energy. He pledged that his positions would not be about party-lines and choosing sides.

I trust a Navy SEAL more than I do a 36-year politician. I’ll be recycling that flyer from Mr. Markey.




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