Has Obama Damaged Democrat Brand?

Those under President Obama–his staff–will never say what they think.

Their jobs are at risk.

Little people, the rest of the Democrats who aren’t New York Times Columnists, have no voice.

You know them.

They’re the ones you get into spats with on Facebook–until you introduce a fact–then they scoot into their kitchen for leftover pizza.

I wrote a letter to the editor (Berkshire Eagle, June 13, 2013) promoting Republican U.S. Senate Candidate and former Navy Seal, Gabriel Gomez, and denouncing Democrat Congressman Ed Markey.

I can’t explain it, but while writing the letter, and even reading it back to myself this morning, over my D.D. k-cup, I felt the strongest denouncing word, as I described Markey–was “Democrat.”

I know millions of Donkeys would say only the “Bush” name is polarizing.

Believe what you wish–I can’t help but feel Obama, with revelations of his snooping, targeting, and lying, are bruising the Democrat brand beyond immediate repair.

Here’s what the queen of the NY Times–Maureen Dowd–had to say on June 9, 2013.

The president calls the vast eavesdropping apparatus “modest encroachments on privacy.”  Back in 2007, Obama said he would not want to run an administration that was “Bush-Cheney lite.” He doesn’t have to worry.  With prisoners denied due process at Gitmo starving themselves, with the C.I.A. not always aware who it’s killing with drones, with an overzealous approach to leaks, and with the government’s secret domestic spy business swelling, there’s nothing lite about it.

She may act like an altruistic pundit, but I’m guessing she’s far more invested in the Party than the Party Pooper.

Go Gomez.


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