Tebow–No Longer Alone

Does anyone remember a character in the NFL named Ocho Cinco?

Chad Johnson to be exact.

His antics, while a member of the Bengals, were bigger than the team.

He was good, but his team stunk.

That’s what can happen when organizations allow personalities to define them.

In many ways, when we join God’s army, in humility, life’s drama has the potential to melt away–God’s grace.

As a Patriot, Tim Tebow leaves the Jets, a place of torment, and is melded into a team that is the NFL.

The New England mission has always been, at least under Coach Bilichik, to function as a single unit, where personalities never overcome purpose.

Ironically, Chad Johnson played for Belichick in his last year in the NFL.

He had just one touchdown, but more importantly, zero meltdowns.

Fans of Tebow will get to see their man again.

Those who despise him, will hate the Pats even more.

He seemed so alone when he was a Jet.

He seems so connected now.

Obedience to a loving Father can do that.

If you’re in a place of torment, do what my father had on his lapel pin…Try God.

You’re closer to joy than you think.

It just takes courage enough to walk away–then hope.


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