Finally I Can Forgive Geraldo

For some reason, whenever I watch Fox & Friends before work, it always seems to be a Friday morning.

That’s the day they invite painfully moderate Geraldo Rivera to the curvy couch.

Let’s be clear…I like the man…but he’s made way too many excuses for the current Administration’s plethora of empty vaults.

Don’t get me started…for that past five years, every time I watch him pontificate to Gretchen, acting as if a thrill up his leg is coming on, I want to scream at FNC for tolerating the spin.

I know…that’s not nice.

Sorry G.

And you know what else?

I’m not mad any more.

I watched your show last night, after Judge Jeanine’s weekly smack down of Barry–that I love.

For the first time in my adult life I can say I’m proud to be a fan of Geraldo.

You tore into Obama over Benghazi like you were Rush Limbaugh incarnate.

No cigar talk–but who cares.

It’s the evolutionary thinking that counts…provided you’re moving toward righteous indignation, for a President I believe could be the anti-C…O.K…I won’t say it…that’s not nice…but neither is letting four Americans die in Libya, when you had the opportunity to help…but you didn’t want to mess up your lead in the Presidential polls.

Mr. President–you’re so “un-altruistic” I could puke.

What’s even less nice is not letting us know what the heck you were doing that afternoon, when you first learned about the Embassy attack at 4:05 pm EST…don’t tell me you were sleeping already.  (Libya is 6 hours ahead of D.C.)

You’re a disgrace Mr. Obama…Geraldo proved it last night.

And whatever happens, please don’t resign…the Senate Republicans need you…to take back the majority in 2016.

Just keep on blasting Bush for everything…that’s so Al Capone.


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