Nothing Bush-Like in Verizon Scandal

In spite of liberals desperate attempt at tying the newest Obama snooping scandal to the George Bush Patriot Act, the President has completely lost whatever shred of moral authority even his biggest fans once claimed he had.

Let me be clear about something–this man never had moral authority–Bush did.

The Bush-era Patriot Act, and its wiretapping, was based solely on evidence provided, to support suspicion of terrorism, mainly upon foreigners.

This Obama-era dragnet is an overreach of Biblical proportions.

News flash folks…the five  Obama Administration scandals, now dominating the news, Benghazi, AP/Rosen, IRS, Sibelius Donations, and now Verizon, are just the tip of the iceberg.

The rats are jumping the ship faster than anyone could have imagined.

That Obama library he and Michelle are dreaming about might be in solitary confinement. (I can dream can’t I?)

Here’s the magnitude of this latest “god-lusting” abuse of power…when you or I make a mistake, thank the real God there’s a way we can be forgiven of our sins.  (For Christians, it’s called reconciliation through the shed blood of our Lord)

Think about this for a second…the President, in his childish paranoia, that is becoming all too obvious, decides you or I might be a threat to win an election as a conservative…he then directs surrogates to dig up phone records to questionable places, which could be as innocent as a wrong number to a sex-line…without any mercy at all, that information is leaked to the media, and any chance of God-like forgiveness for a sin committed, either deliberate or accidental, is washed away.

Remember–God has limitless power to forgive–the Devil has limitless power to accuse.

God covers our darkest secrets with love, the Devil digs them up with hate.

Never before has a man, so fearful of the world finding out who he really is, been elected President of the greatest country in history.

God help us…there is not enough outrage amongst his foes to oust him.

Pray for patience.

Pray even harder for his own kind–Democrats–to throw him out.

Republicans have no clue what to do, and Democrats have far more to lose with their association to him.

P.S. Thank you Guardian News of the U.K…you’re doing the job the U.S. media refuses to do.


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