The Not So Hypothetical Susan Rice Interview

Let’s pretend it’s the Fall of 2007, on a dusty trail, somewhere between State 1 and State 57…a young fresh-faced Presidential candidate is conducting interviews.

Barry: Young lady…you seem to have the metal I need to be our Ambassador to the U.N.

Ms. Rice:  Thank you sir…I’m known for my obedience to superiors.

Barry: That’s very good, because you never know when the time might come and your superior will ask you to do or say something that isn’t true…for the good of the Administration of course.

Ms. Rice: You can count on me sir…I don’t care what you ask me to say or believe, as long as we can remain in power, the Truth can wait…or at least be stretched some.

Barry: Young lady, you’re going far…some day you could be Secretary of State…once we get rid of that white-trash from Arkansas.

Ms. Rice: Well, you know how prejudiced those good-ole-boys from the Senate can be…I’ll take National Security Adviser as a consolation prize if necessary.

Barry: Good thinking young lady…do you have a YouTube account?

Ms. Rice: Why yes, of course…I monitor all the Al-Jazeera and TEA Party videos…keep your friends close and your enemies closer I always say. (Guess which one is the enemy.)

Barry: You’re the one girl.

Ms. Rice: Thank you sir…I feel the same way.


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