China? Regarding Iraq Oil–Trump Was Right

There’s a saying.

Dance with guy who brought you to the ball.

Unless of course you happen to be the American taxpayer and more so, a serviceman or woman, who made the ultimate sacrifice to liberate Iraq.

News that the Chinese are reaping the greatest benefit from an Iraqi oil boom has me steaming.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve seen me freak before.

Look at it this way…the Chinese made no commitment to freeing the Iraqis.

They sent no soldiers.

Then, like vultures, they swooped in.

Billionaire Donald Trump, while contemplating a run for President back in 2012, turned a few heads when he talked on about how America needs to be paid back by the Iraqis for saving their sorry behinds from Saddam Hussein.

Guess what he said they should pay us with?

That’s right.


Read this article below from the NY Times and weep.

Welcome to my rant.


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