The Wise @$$ in the White House

Former IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman, in two years, 2010-2012, visited the Obama White House a few times.

157 to be exact.

His predecessor Mark Everson, in a four-year period, 2003-2007, visited the Bush White House just about as much.


Do I sound like a wise guy?

You haven’t seen anything.

Check out Shulman’s smart mouth remark under oath, regarding the White House Easter Egg Roll.

If you think his joke was a hit, check out the face of the woman over his left shoulder.

I’m pretty sure the only egg in this video is on the face of this wise @$$ criminal.

Yes or no Shulman?

“I have no memory” means you rolled out plausible deniability.

You’ll be sucking eggs sooner than you think.


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