Bring Out Your Dead…For Their EBT’s

I still remember the first time I sat through the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, from the 70’s.

My cousin Ricky had told me about it in advance, laughing so hard he was in tears.

His prediction of my appreciation for the flick came true.

The scene where an undertaker of sorts is rolling through the streets with a wagon, asking peasants to bring out their dead, though incredibly morbid sounding now, was comedy at its finest back then.

Seeing it again, I’m almost ashamed to have laughed.

Teenage humor isn’t always the most tasteful.

In case you were wondering, the State of Massachusetts is guilty of turning comedy into a taxpayer’s nightmare.

A 2.5 year audit found a total of 1,164 people continued to receive welfare benefits for periods of six months up to 27 months after they died, totaling nearly $2.4 million in payments.

The report also said the State missed opportunities to ferret out fraud and abuse using reporting generated internally by the technology it uses to administer benefits.

This is so distasteful we all should be crying.


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