No Dog in Syrian Fight–Let Russians Untangle the Mess

The other day my wife had a collection of necklaces on the kitchen table, laid out neatly.

“I just spent that last two hours untangling them” she said.

News that Senator John McCain paid a visit to Syrian rebels does not make many folks happy–other than the rebels.

For as long as I remember, Russia has been the only influential superpower in Syria.

Our track record in the Middle East–picking sides that is–hasn’t been good.

In my view, let the Russians fix the mess in Syria, not the U.S. taxpayer.

Try to figure this one out…Iran hates Saudi Arabia, so they fund Syria, who arms Hezbollah, to protect Lebanon from Israel, but the rebels are Al Qaeda terrorists, and the Assad regime hates Sunnis, and the Sunnis hate Shiites, and the Alawites are Assad’s favorites, but the Palestinians just want to fight for independence…are you still comfortable with trying to untie this knot?

We’re sticking our noses where a far more familiar dog–Russia–belongs.

I rarely complement Obama, but he’s correct in providing only humanitarian aid to injured Syrians.

Most importantly, we can’t give weapons to Al Qaeda, just because the Syrian version of “the group” hates Assad more than we do.

This is not our fight.

This is not our dog.

This knot is far too gone to try and untangle.

Here’s a suggestion John, fly east and stir the pot in Moscow…hold Putin accountable on the world stage…leave us out of it.


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