Every Day Should be Memorial Day

When we look around the world, it’s difficult to find places close to what we have here in America.

True, things have started to deteriorate a bit, under who history may prove is the most paranoid President ever, but, the American people, for the most part, understand liberty.

It’s been bought and paid for by selfless men and women through the years, beginning with the Revolutionary War and continues today with the Global War on Terror.

By the way Mr. President, your comments this week about how the war on terror is over seem to have little to do with reality, and far more to do with one of two things.

1. You’re a terrorist yourself and you wish to soften things up for your comrades in arms. (I’m being sarcastic folks…don’t freak out.)

2. You care far more about your legacy as a war hero, mainly because your legacy on job creation and the debt is a sad reality that history books may not be able to hide.

Every day in America is a day we can remember soldiers who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

Just ask a widow.

She’ll tell you what day it is.


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