The Valor of a Family

It’s always heart wrenching to hear about American servicemen killed in war.

The most recent one hits our community hard.

24-year-old U.S. Army Spc. Mitchell K. Daehling, was killed May 14 in Afghanistan.

He was a Dalton, Mass native.

It takes a certain kind of wife to have the strength and courage to eulogize her late husband.

In addition to Mitchell, we here in the Berkshires salute you Samantha, for your valor.

Excerpt from today’s (May 25, 2013) Berkshire Eagle article, by Jim Therrien.

Some might not understand how she could speak during the funeral, Samantha Daehling said, “but you have to understand who I was married to. I was married to a soldier, an American soldier … and most important, I was married to a hero.”

Halting at times with obvious emotion, she said her husband provided an example of quiet courage and dedication worth emulating, adding at one point, “and I still need to laugh and smile for Mitchell.”

She described her 24-year-old husband as “the love of my life” and “a good listener and a friend.” She talked about the role his extended family and hers helped in shaping his dedication to duty and his family.

God Bless you Mitchell, you’re with God now.

Watch over Samantha…she’s tough, but she still needs you.

Daehling Family


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