Imploding Better than Impeaching

The one thing all business people enjoy about competitors, is if those with whom they compete have inferior design engineers.

In a free society, competition is a part of life.

When one can say his competitors are weak, it’s far better to hope they continue on, than to watch a smarter and more skilled company or management team come along and right their ship.

For me, and apparently Rush Limbaugh too, the idea of impeaching President Obama makes no sense.

First off, there are more low information voters than ever, most of whom think Benghazi is a new rock band from The Village.

Impeachment proceedings would simply inflame them.

The biggest impact Washington dysfunction is having across America right now is among independent voters, like myself.

No I’m not a Republican.

In my view, they’re growing more disgusted than ever with the expanse and overreach of government under Obama.

The AP and IRS scandals are Liberal Democrat problems…they’ve engineered them, now they have to live with them.

Sorry Nancy, sorry Harry, he’s all yours.

There’s no way we want this President gone.

He’s far too good for the conservative movement.



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