Drinking a 5’th or Pleading the 5’th

There’s a saying of which its origin is not defined on wiki-answers.

It’s the phrase “drunk with power.”

We all know what it means.

There’s a similar saying, which sounds more eloquent, we can attribute to Lord Acton, the historian and moralist who said, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

One of the interesting protections that our Constitution provides its citizens is in the 5’th Amendment, permitting us not to speak incriminating words against ourselves in a court of law.

With emphasis on the word “incriminating,” it looks as though Lois Lerner, a  leader at the IRS under the Obama Administration, won’t be telling Congress what really happened in their targeting of conservatives over the past few years.

Lois, you may be an American…but you’re acting more like a rogue alien, drunk with power.

By the end your day of questioning, most of us who want truth, will need a different kind of 5’th to calm our nerves.

We then will be drunk with frustration.

But we shouldn’t be surprised.

The CEO and CFO of Solyndra also pleaded the 5’th in front of Congress, when asked how it was they were given $500,000,000 by Obama’s Department of Energy, which they proceeded to squander in less than two years.

Coincidentally they were major contributors to Obama’s campaign…but we all know that’s just the evil republican in me trying to politicize things again, because I’m probably a racist, bigot, red-neck.  (for you folks in Hooterville, Mass, that’s sarcasm)

The closer one gets to Obama, the better chance he/she will need to plead the 5’th when asked about corruption in government.

But these are just the words of a man drunk on his own blog.


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