Left Wing Newspaper Endorses Romney–A Bit Too Late

If you’re anything like me, you’ve grown weary of the defense tactics Democrats are throwing up.

Blaming Bush…

Blaming Republicans for trying to politicize scandals…

And on and on…

Some left-wing editors are capitalizing on the fact that they know they’re being redundant by actually telling the truth about Obama.

Could it be they’re convinced we’re too disgusted with them to be looking at what they have to say?

Today The Berkshire Eagle laid out the best case possible for voting for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama.

Too bad they refused to tell the facts when it counted most.

There won’t be subpoenas for you Mr. Editor, for hiding what you knew all along…but I can assure you, a few of your heroes may be crowned by one or two certified letters.

This is an excerpt from the Berkshire Eagle Editorial, today, May 21, 2013.

They really are quite smart…they just don’t want their readers to be during election season.

Under Obamacare, companies with 50 or more full-time workers could be penalized $2,000 per employee beyond 30 employees if they don’t offer health insurance. That is far too punitive and could even encourage layoffs. While Massachusetts calls for penalties for companies employing 11 or more full-time employees who are not provided with insurance coverage, the fine is a more reasonable $250 per employee, which encourages compliance without unduly punishing companies.

Obamacare requires insurers to establish rates once a year, as opposed to Massachusetts where the requirement is four times a year. While this is more work for state insurance companies they don’t have to look as far into the future. Required to forecast a year ahead, insurers are likely to err on the side of caution, which means higher insurance premiums. Massachusetts should be granted a waiver because its format is better for health consumers.

Obamacare does have many strong provisions, such as the elimination of copayments for annual physicals and other preventive care measures. The problem is that insurers are likely to respond by raising premiums. Preventive care measures should be encouraged, not penalized, as they will reduce health care costs all the way down the line.

Complexities aside, the state and nation are better off with these laws. When it comes to the inevitable fixes, however, the state’s law has for the most part earned the edge over its federal counterpart and should take precedence.


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