Thank You For Your Service Sgt. Edward Passetto

For those who live in the Berkshire County area this story has dominated our local news.

A young war veteran from our community, suffering from severe PTSD, who had communicated numerous times with our VA, and yet was denied help time and again, recently took his own life by leaping to his death from beautiful Monument Mountain, in Great Barrington.

The irony of his demise, a man who was a decorated hero, for saving the lives of fellow Marines whose helicopter had crashed, is difficult to accept, considering his request for help was so simple.

Your service to our country is not marred in any way by your suicide Mr. Passetto.

You remain a hero to us all.

Though I have been critical of the Berkshire Eagle, I’d like to publicly thank them for the excellent coverage they provided of this man’s tragic story.

This video below is proof of their attention to the impact this loss has had on our community.

In light of the recent revelations of political corruption in the IRS under the Obama administration, skeptics like me can’t help but wonder if the fact that polling data from the Marine Times, which shows Marines voting 2-1 against Obama, didn’t cost our local hero the help he needed.


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