Hypothetically–if a Terrorist Were President

Just for a minute, let’s pretend America was duped by a slick Presidential candidate who was actually a terrorist sympathizer.

Hypothetically of course, what are some things this President might do?

These are my top 10.

1. Almost never affirm that terrorism has occurred, even when it does.

2. When boxed-in by actual terror events on U.S. soil, call the events “workplace violence.”

3. When asked about the international connections of marathon bombers who maim and kill, insist they’re “self-radicalized.”

4. Use your power as President to intimidate those ideologically opposed with IRS audits.

5. Secretly grab all communications of AP reporters to see who might be wise to your schemes.

6. When Americans are under attack by real terrorists in foreign lands, ignore their cries for help and deny that “terrorism” caused their death….blame an American who made an offensive video which no one saw.

7. Whenever anyone asks you a question about your involvement in illegal activity, deny any knowledge and blame your opposition for being politically motivated.

8. Press for immigration laws which allow more of your followers access to our country’s borders, votes and social welfare benefits.

9. Insist that our terrorist enemies are on the run, when in reality you know they’re growing in number.

10. And–last but not least–do all you can to take guns away from law-abiding citizens who mistrust you.

Now…aren’t you glad this is all made up and none of these things could ever happen here in America?


2 Responses to “Hypothetically–if a Terrorist Were President”

  1. Questionman Says:

    Lets pretend a minute that one groups decided to become the party of racists, bigots and extremists!

    Screw you, you hateful scumbag! I’m a disgrace for attacking a hateful scumbag like you comparing a not so great, but respectful President to the most evil hateful in ALL of existence. YOU ARE proving my point!

    You may not agree with our president’s policies and you may have a First Amendment right to spew your hate-based propaganda on our public streets, but Obama is not a Hitler, and we are not a fascist dictatorship where millions of Americans have been thrown into gas chambers here, and killed, because of their ethnic identity, or their political beliefs.

    I support the President because I didn’t want pro big business pro war continuation of Bush, which is what McCain and Romney offered.

    Just because Hope and Change were campaign slogans doesn’t mean they were the only reason someone voted for the president, nor does it mean they are the wrong reasons to vote for a candidate.

    President Obama is not an evil man, nor a Muslim, nor a Communist, nor a Marxist!

    Part of their job is obtaining evidence of wrong doing before acting on something like impeachment.
    So far there is no evidence.
    the president has not done anything illegal. The investigation into the AP and FOX is legal. like it or not that’s the case. The IRS issue has nothing to do with the president and as hard as the republicans try they can’t pin it on him. I’m not even gonna get into the other fake scandal. no matter how you look at it there are no grounds which you can impeach him.

    We heard more of the “OBAMA GUN GRAB!!!” conspiracy BS from Senate Republicans. That would be the NRA stoking up fears that their guns would be taken away by Obama ……… It’s good business for arms manufacturers and the NRA… AND OBAMA HAS TAKEN AWAY NO GUNS.

    Let me guess. It’s the same people that said that he wasn’t born here and have lied about his religious beliefs.

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