I Thought the TEA Party Deserved This

For the past five years we’ve been told the TEA Party is nothing more than an assembly of bigots, racists, homophobes, and KKK-like radical anti-American creeps…the scum of the earth.

So then, we learn for some completely inexplicable reason, the IRS has been targeting them for audits and added scrutiny any time they wanted to start a nonprofit organization.

My question is this…why is the Obama administration taking this scandal so seriously?

Yesterday Obama fired the acting director of the IRS.

This just doesn’t add up.

Normally our shameless leader and his doofus media would lash out and deny…deny…deny…then accuse Republicans of capitalizing on the politics of it all.


Here’s my theory.

The Benghazi cover up is way worse than we think.

Obama, in my mind, is the smoking gun who let four Americans die, and he’s running out of places to hide.

I also believe he’s the one who demanded the talking points be re-written.

Do you remember when General Patraeus got caught cheating on his wife?

That to me was a warning shot to him not to tell the truth to the American people.

Don’t forget, he was director of the CIA and preferred not to use the phony talking points after the State Department sanitized them of any mention of real terrorism.

Here’s what I believe Obama’s doing.

He’s deliberately using this IRS scandal as a diversionary tactic to look like he cares about Americans and to take the heat off Benghazi.

Trust me when I say this folks…this administration had no problem at all with the harassment of TEA Party people.

They wrote the book on how to do it and most definitely made it happen.

This reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugs is painting the floor and suddenly realizes he’s painted himself into a corner–with nowhere to go.

What’s up Barack?


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