The Best Graduation Advice Ever

Yesterday in Winooski, VT, my family and I enjoyed our youngest son’s graduation festivities from St. Michael’s College.

The keynote speaker, Mark Shields, an old time news commentator who has worked the wire through nine presidents, made a statement that hit home.

He said something like this:

Don’t worry about what others are thinking about you…because they’re not thinking about you.

They’re far more worried about what you’re thinking about them.

What we do with our lives, because God was gracious enough to give us free will, is far more critical an issue than how we’re perceived by others.

At the Baccalaureate Mass on Saturday, the Bishop of Burlington asked a great question.

He said this:

Who do we most want to please?

Of course, like the heathen that I am, I could not come up with a good answer.

The Bishop’s answer was simple…God.

Let us always remember that God wants to be the foundation of who we are.

As we build our house, let it be on the Rock of His Love, so that the wind and the waves of opinion can never cause us to crumble.



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