No IRS Fishiness Here

There comes a point in one’s life when shocking things just don’t shock us any more.

Why would any American be surprised–under Obama–that the IRS lied about targeting conservative organizations for additional scrutiny?

In addition to having the title Commander-in-Chief, as head of the U.S. armored forces, our fearless leader is also Taxman-in-Chief, as he oversees all Federal agencies, including the IRS.

How hard would it have been for Obama to pick up the phone after the election and hint around to IRS leadership that he wouldn’t mind if things got a little hot around the collar for evil Tea Party people who don’t believe in him?

One of my father’s favorite sayings, whenever he saw poorly run organizations, went like this;

The fish rots from the head down.

I’m not saying the President is a fish…but what I am saying is that his last four years are going to include an awful lot of flopping around.

It’s not very inspiring.


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