Nobody Hits My Kid Brother

It must have been my cousin Ricky who introduced me to Mad Magazine.

I have no idea what year it first came out, but I remember very well enjoying the jokes and somewhat brazen humor in that still living comic book.

There was one cartoon that made us laugh for nearly a year.

It was a boy defending his little brother from another tough kid in the neighborhood.

The older brother grabs the ruffian and says.

Nobody hits my kid brother.

Except me! (as he turns and whacks his sibling)

That same irony, from way back in the 60’s, is alive today, as Obama’s Press Secretary Jay Carney tells the world that Republicans are using the Benghazi hearings for “political” reasons.

Wow…thanks Jay…I appreciate you straightening us low information voters out.

There’s just one problem.

Someone else covered up the Benghazi debacle, where four Americans died, to help them get re-elected to the White House.

Might one call that political?

Don’t get mad Jay…we know that nobody abuses America for personal gain…except Obama!


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