The PC Bullies Lack of Tolerance and Diversity

No one will ever convince me that the politically correct movement is not of the Devil.

Call me an ultra-whacko-conservative for believing such rubbish, in fact, etch it on my tombstone if you wish.

I’ll gladly wear what I know in my heart to be truth as a badge of honor.

The latest bulldozing of an innocent man is in Ontario, just north of the border, where PC behavior has much less opposition…no Texans or Becks to deal with.

The weeds spread unobstructed so to speak.

The story is below, but the bottom line is that one who thinks in a way contrary to a PC agenda is like a murderer.

All the while PC folks scream about their diverse lifestyles being tolerated, when they suck the life out of those who don’t agree with all they say or believe.

Here’s one to chew on…I believe you’re the world’s biggest hypocrites.

Love your neighbor, provided he doesn’t think differently from you…and if he does–and God forbid speaks out–let’s get him fired from his job.

What’s also upsetting, the more obviously true something is, what one believes that is, the louder you cry foul.

Canadians may be easily fooled people, but not my God.

You’d best find a Confessional before you breathe your last.

RE/MAX fires agent for flyer promoting traditional family; kids better off with a mom and dad


MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, May 7, 2013 ( – An independent contractor was fired by RE/MAX on Thursday after the media took note of a real estate flyer he had distributed that included an excerpt of an article on the back about how children do best in a household with their married mother and father.

Andrew Ciastek, who immigrated to Canada years ago and speaks with a heavy Polish accent, came under fire after some Mississauga area residents complained to RE/MAX, Peel Regional Police, and the Ontario Human Rights Commission about the flyer he had handed out in April.

The realtor has frequently sent market-related flyers to the community, filling the reverse side with interesting trivia. Previous flyers had included information about how trans-fat intake increases the risk of depression, how to choose quality paint, how to maintain an air conditioning unit, and why a home owner should insulate the attic.

But it appears his latest flyer hit a nerve.

“[They’re] trying to destroy an innocent person,” Ciastek told “I want to have the same life I was having a week ago, with small pleasures and small troubles. This is what I want. I don’t want nothing more, nothing less.”

“Why am I the most hated person in Ontario today?”

On the backside of the offending flyer, Ciastek had posted an article from a Polish news source, which said: “Traditional family is the best for the future of the kids.”

Drawing on a recent study by sociology professor Mark Regnerus, the article said: “[Regnerus] discovered that among offspring of homosexual couples unemployment is three times higher than among offspring of heterosexual couples.” A picture of a man and woman with two children at the beach filled half the page.

The day The Toronto Star broke the story about the flyer, Ciastek was fired.

“The views and opinions expressed in the piece obviously do not reflect those of RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada or the other RE/MAX agents,” said spokesperson Christine Martysiewicz. “It was a poor choice on (Ciastek’s) behalf and we sincerely apologize.”

“We’re offended by the insensitivity shown here just as much as the community is. We take pride in the diversity of our workforce and our clients,” she said.

While Ciastek has been labeled ‘homophobic’ and ‘anti-gay,’ he is not the traditional family crusader that homosexual activists have made him out to be. He has admitted to attending Toronto’s Gay Pride parades. He told Yahoo! News Canada that he “probably would be a very good neighbour” to homosexuals since he believes that “everybody, no matter what colour or gender, has a right to love and be loved.”

“I don’t hate anybody. I’m not anti-gay or anything,” he told LifeSiteNews. Ciastek has since issued an apology, offering to make a donation to charity in the hope of appeasing his critics.

But he says he doesn’t understand the backlash against the flyer.

“Right now, I am the victim and my family,” he said.


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