Mafia Wars–Obamas vs. Clintons

What’s happening in broad daylight, even in the mainstream media, with regard to the cover up in Benghazi over the attack on our Embassy, is low drama compared to the power game behind the scenes.

What’s at stake here is the future of Hillary Clinton as a viable candidate for President, vs. the future of Barack Obama as a successful President who fought terrorism.

I remember when I bought my first home in Pittsfield….the woman who owned the house had a relative up the street, with the same last name; they were both married to deceased brothers.

Though they were of the same persuasion, they were not of the same mind.

Hatred was all I could sense coming out of this women toward her brother-in-law’s widow.

The fact that these two Presidential families are both Democrats means nothing.

Just like when mafia Dons fight over turf, this battle, between the Clintons and Obamas, is sure to have its own movie some day.

And don’t expect Hillary to fall on her sword this go around either, when she’s subpoenaed for the second time, with all new evidence to explain away.

Her previous statement…”what difference does it make”… won’t go over very well.

And as for the mainstream media…isn’t it funny how now all they have left is truth to try and cover up their cover up?


One Response to “Mafia Wars–Obamas vs. Clintons”

  1. Duncan Washburn Says:

    Funny thing, or sad thing, depending on …, is that it seems Mr Clinton had a positive affect on the 2nd term election of Mr Obama.

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