State Sponsored Rape and Murder

There was a time that comments like I’m about to make made sense to the majority.

Now…I have my doubts.

When a public school passes out contraception to minors, encouraging “safe-sex,” are they not an accomplice to statutory rape?

Just sayin’.

Since technology is growing faster than the rate of human wisdom, which in many circles, like the Democrat Party, seems to be devolving, Neanderthal thinking conservatives like me can only double down our dismay.

Free Plan B pills (a.k.a. abortifacients) for 15-year-olds, is Obama’s latest “O.K.” gift to Satan.

Now teenie-boppers, who prove their age by flashing smart-phones at pharmacists, so they can see a DOB on their Facebook “about” page, can add a second violent crime to their CVS stop-off.

That’s right, pill-popping baby snuffing.

What a world.

Wait…am I allowed to object to this?

Probably not…this isn’t the America I know any longer.

Not even sure how much more folks like me will be tolerated.

But I’m ready and I won’t go down that easy.

I’ve got an arsenal of Bibles loaded into magazines that exceed the allowable limit.

Come and get me Satan…I’ve got some Holy Blood to splatter on your posse, as they circle the house with lawn signs for Pro-Choice soldiers and soldierettes.

Some of them are coming with me.


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