March of the Wooden Soldiers in Watertown

For those, like me, still beaming with pride in Massachusetts over the way Boston area police conducted themselves during the terrorist manhunt, be forewarned, there are some who believe you’re stupid for thinking that way.

In places like Keene, New Hampshire and Berkeley, California, whose neighborhoods weren’t turned into battle zones, so-called experts on freedom are crying into their hemp flavored ale.

There’s a very creepy–yet growing narrative–that says cops swept every house because they secretly desire a police state.


How about the idea that cops swept every house because they were openly brave and needed to get a job done?

These whiners are the same geniuses crying that police never need any type of military equipment, like BearCats (armored vehicles made in my hometown) because nothing bad ever happens.

If you remember the images after the Marathon bomb blast, there were two groups of men in uniform at the finish line.

The first group was in blue…the cops…with guns.

The second group was in green…the National Guard…without weapons.

When IED’s come to the streets of America, we citizens expect protection.

When terrorists get into gun battles with cops, after blowing up 250 people, then rob a convenient store, then execute a University officer, and then start tossing bombs out the back seats of their car…what type of response do you experts think should be allowed?

Oh wait…you imagine it was all staged…like Neil Armstrong on the moon was a Hollywood stunt…right?

The bottom line is this folks…either American Governors and Presidents declare Marshal Law, or some type of radical proclamation changing the role of the National Guard and the Army, mobilizing them to carry machine guns–or–we continue to allow the cops to do what they do.

The ACLU is even suing some communities for information on their “militarization.”

Does that mean the ACLU prefers Marshal Law?

I think not; they just can’t see past their cop hating noses.

Maybe the ACLU, and misguided Senators like (R) Tom Colburn, reporting on Homeland Security “waste”, without getting the opinion of a single SWAT operator, prefer the repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act (to limit the powers of Federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce the State laws).

Based on the reaction of the relieved folks cheering the streets of Watertown, I think Law Enforcement got it right.

For the five days, that seemed like an eternity, Boogie Men were real, and our guys in blue reminded me of the movie March of the Wooden Soldiers…my favorite part was always the smiling kids hugging their heroes.


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