We Stay the Same Yet Grow More Extreme

Liberal Democrats in Massachusetts are in a pickle.

For the past five years they’ve been pounding the drum about how racist anyone is should they say something bad about Obama.

Last night we learned a very white good-old-boy Democrat Congressman, Ed Markey, won their U.S. Senate primary, to fill the seat of yachtsman John F. Kerry, who stepped in for Hillary Clinton, while she readies herself to take over the world.

Guess who’s coming to dinner for the Republicans?

That’s right, Gabriel Gomez, a very non-white candidate and former Navy Seal.

Timing for Republicans to get back a seat in the Senate couldn’t be better.

Here in the Commonwealth, we have a very ticked-off electorate, ready to squash our Governor, for creating an environment where punk terrorists can collect food stamps, section 8 housing and Obama phones, at their victim’s expense.

Let me explain how the left will have to attack Gabriel Gomez–from the rear.

What do I mean?

Simple–here’s the talking point–already–straight from our local affiliate of the Democrat Party, today’s Berkshire Morning Eagle.

Mr. Gomez, however, faces the same challenge Senator Brown failed to overcome last year in his unsuccessful bid for re-election — the unpopularity of a national Republican Party that has become far more extremist and uncompromising over the past four years.

If that isn’t a sneak attack then I don’t need a rear bumper on my car.

They’re scared to death of this guy’s connection with the electorate already.

All they have left is a plan to attack his friends.

Isn’t it odd, I have the exact values my father, and grandfather had, regarding hard work, less government, respect for success, traditional marriage, no baby killing, strong defense…yet–somehow–I’ve become more extremist and uncompromising?

We conservatives haven’t moved…we’re standing in the same place we’ve always stood.

Democrats today look like socialists.

I’d even be willing to bet the European immigrant grandparents of every left-wing media-types in this country, would line up more closely to my beliefs than their own wander-lusting-from-the-truth grand-commies.

Like the editor of the Eagle said…”this should be an interesting race”…that’s liberal code for “Oh S&%+!”


2 Responses to “We Stay the Same Yet Grow More Extreme”

  1. Brandon Says:

    “We conservatives haven’t moved…we’re standing in the same place we’ve always stood.”

    Therein lies the rub.

    The world, politics, the US, soceity, religion, beliefs, the fiscal cliff, everything has moved. Not here to comment on whether those moves are good or bad. That being said, conservatives and liberlas need to both move to a common ground.

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