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Jon Stewart Has Nerve

May 31, 2013

I apologize for using dweeb-like little teasers, as I did in today’s blog title.

Can’t help myself.

I just stumbled across one of the funniest videos ever, from a liberal depressed about how badly things are going for the Obama Administration.

Call me if you need help figuring out what words have been bleeped.

If this doesn’t make you LOL you’re probably in on the scandals.


The Wise @$$ in the White House

May 30, 2013

Former IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman, in two years, 2010-2012, visited the Obama White House a few times.

157 to be exact.

His predecessor Mark Everson, in a four-year period, 2003-2007, visited the Bush White House just about as much.


Do I sound like a wise guy?

You haven’t seen anything.

Check out Shulman’s smart mouth remark under oath, regarding the White House Easter Egg Roll.

If you think his joke was a hit, check out the face of the woman over his left shoulder.

I’m pretty sure the only egg in this video is on the face of this wise @$$ criminal.

Yes or no Shulman?

“I have no memory” means you rolled out plausible deniability.

You’ll be sucking eggs sooner than you think.

Bring Out Your Dead…For Their EBT’s

May 29, 2013

I still remember the first time I sat through the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, from the 70’s.

My cousin Ricky had told me about it in advance, laughing so hard he was in tears.

His prediction of my appreciation for the flick came true.

The scene where an undertaker of sorts is rolling through the streets with a wagon, asking peasants to bring out their dead, though incredibly morbid sounding now, was comedy at its finest back then.

Seeing it again, I’m almost ashamed to have laughed.

Teenage humor isn’t always the most tasteful.

In case you were wondering, the State of Massachusetts is guilty of turning comedy into a taxpayer’s nightmare.

A 2.5 year audit found a total of 1,164 people continued to receive welfare benefits for periods of six months up to 27 months after they died, totaling nearly $2.4 million in payments.

The report also said the State missed opportunities to ferret out fraud and abuse using reporting generated internally by the technology it uses to administer benefits.

This is so distasteful we all should be crying.

No Dog in Syrian Fight–Let Russians Untangle the Mess

May 28, 2013

The other day my wife had a collection of necklaces on the kitchen table, laid out neatly.

“I just spent that last two hours untangling them” she said.

News that Senator John McCain paid a visit to Syrian rebels does not make many folks happy–other than the rebels.

For as long as I remember, Russia has been the only influential superpower in Syria.

Our track record in the Middle East–picking sides that is–hasn’t been good.

In my view, let the Russians fix the mess in Syria, not the U.S. taxpayer.

Try to figure this one out…Iran hates Saudi Arabia, so they fund Syria, who arms Hezbollah, to protect Lebanon from Israel, but the rebels are Al Qaeda terrorists, and the Assad regime hates Sunnis, and the Sunnis hate Shiites, and the Alawites are Assad’s favorites, but the Palestinians just want to fight for independence…are you still comfortable with trying to untie this knot?

We’re sticking our noses where a far more familiar dog–Russia–belongs.

I rarely complement Obama, but he’s correct in providing only humanitarian aid to injured Syrians.

Most importantly, we can’t give weapons to Al Qaeda, just because the Syrian version of “the group” hates Assad more than we do.

This is not our fight.

This is not our dog.

This knot is far too gone to try and untangle.

Here’s a suggestion John, fly east and stir the pot in Moscow…hold Putin accountable on the world stage…leave us out of it.

Every Day Should be Memorial Day

May 27, 2013

When we look around the world, it’s difficult to find places close to what we have here in America.

True, things have started to deteriorate a bit, under who history may prove is the most paranoid President ever, but, the American people, for the most part, understand liberty.

It’s been bought and paid for by selfless men and women through the years, beginning with the Revolutionary War and continues today with the Global War on Terror.

By the way Mr. President, your comments this week about how the war on terror is over seem to have little to do with reality, and far more to do with one of two things.

1. You’re a terrorist yourself and you wish to soften things up for your comrades in arms. (I’m being sarcastic folks…don’t freak out.)

2. You care far more about your legacy as a war hero, mainly because your legacy on job creation and the debt is a sad reality that history books may not be able to hide.

Every day in America is a day we can remember soldiers who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

Just ask a widow.

She’ll tell you what day it is.

The Obamarometer…You Just Need a Mirror to Read It

May 26, 2013

Not sure about you folks, but I’ve decided that whenever Obama speaks, he’s running 180 degrees from the truth.

Just this week he declared that the global war on terror is over.

I guess he doesn’t have friends from Boston…most of whom are still trying to get their lives back together minus a foot or a leg.

The brutal death of the U.K. soldier, at the hands of two Muslims, indicated that lower tech terrorism is on the rise.

That doesn’t make it any less global in my book.

Here’s news from Paris, just yesterday, May 25th, 2013.

(Reuters) – A French soldier patrolling a business neighborhood west of Paris was stabbed in the neck and injured on Saturday by a man who fled the scene and is being sought by police, President Francois Hollande said.

The 23-year-old was patrolling in uniform with two other soldiers as part of France’s Vigipirate anti-terror surveillance plan when he was approached from behind around 6 p.m. and attacked with a knife or a box-cutter.

A police union spokesman said surveillance footage of the attacker showed him as tall and bearded, aged about 35, possibly of North African origin and wearing a white Arab-style tunic.

I like barometers.

They give us good information.

Here’s how you can follow what the President is really thinking.

Take whatever he says…hold it up to a mirror…and you’ll know exactly the truth.

Try it the next time you hear him speak something like, “I’ve instructed my justice department to get to the bottom of the AP scandal”…as they investigate themselves.

The Valor of a Family

May 25, 2013

It’s always heart wrenching to hear about American servicemen killed in war.

The most recent one hits our community hard.

24-year-old U.S. Army Spc. Mitchell K. Daehling, was killed May 14 in Afghanistan.

He was a Dalton, Mass native.

It takes a certain kind of wife to have the strength and courage to eulogize her late husband.

In addition to Mitchell, we here in the Berkshires salute you Samantha, for your valor.

Excerpt from today’s (May 25, 2013) Berkshire Eagle article, by Jim Therrien.

Some might not understand how she could speak during the funeral, Samantha Daehling said, “but you have to understand who I was married to. I was married to a soldier, an American soldier … and most important, I was married to a hero.”

Halting at times with obvious emotion, she said her husband provided an example of quiet courage and dedication worth emulating, adding at one point, “and I still need to laugh and smile for Mitchell.”

She described her 24-year-old husband as “the love of my life” and “a good listener and a friend.” She talked about the role his extended family and hers helped in shaping his dedication to duty and his family.

God Bless you Mitchell, you’re with God now.

Watch over Samantha…she’s tough, but she still needs you.

Daehling Family

Imploding Better than Impeaching

May 24, 2013

The one thing all business people enjoy about competitors, is if those with whom they compete have inferior design engineers.

In a free society, competition is a part of life.

When one can say his competitors are weak, it’s far better to hope they continue on, than to watch a smarter and more skilled company or management team come along and right their ship.

For me, and apparently Rush Limbaugh too, the idea of impeaching President Obama makes no sense.

First off, there are more low information voters than ever, most of whom think Benghazi is a new rock band from The Village.

Impeachment proceedings would simply inflame them.

The biggest impact Washington dysfunction is having across America right now is among independent voters, like myself.

No I’m not a Republican.

In my view, they’re growing more disgusted than ever with the expanse and overreach of government under Obama.

The AP and IRS scandals are Liberal Democrat problems…they’ve engineered them, now they have to live with them.

Sorry Nancy, sorry Harry, he’s all yours.

There’s no way we want this President gone.

He’s far too good for the conservative movement.

Obama’s America…Kill Americans…Collect $278,000

May 23, 2013

I’m growing tired of liberals who constantly refer back to the dreadful days of George Bush.

If they insist, let’s talk about if W were still around, how things might be different, with regard to the Fort Hood killer, Major Nidal Hasan.

Allow me to recap the story;  in 2009, at U.S. Army Base Fort Hood Texas, an Islamic Jihadist, who had managed to work his way up to the rank of Major/Doctor in the U.S. Army, gunned down 13 American soldiers, while wounding 32 others.

The Obama administration has decided to call this massacre “work place violence.”

Oh…and in case you hadn’t heard, Hasan was screaming Allahu Akbar (God is greater) during the entire shooting spree.

To add insult to injury, Hasan, because he’s not been proven guilty, continues to collect his Army salary; a mere $278,000 of taxpayer money.

It gets better; those injured are being denied benefits of “combat pay” and additional medical assistance because it’s been deemed a non terror event.

Can you imagine W tolerating this?

I can’t.

Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia on Major Nidal Hasan and this tragic event in U.S. History.


A review of Hasan’s computer and his multiple e-mail accounts has revealed visits to websites espousing radical Islamist ideas, a senior law enforcement official said.  Hasan had come to the attention of federal authorities at least six months before the attacks, because of internet postings he appeared to have made discussing suicide bombings and other threats, though authorities did not at the time definitively tie the postings to him. The postings, made in the name “NidalHasan”, likened a suicide bomber to a soldier who throws himself on a grenade to save his colleagues, and sacrifices his life for a “more noble cause. “No official investigation was opened.  ABC News reported that officials were aware that Hasan had attempted to contact Al Qaeda,and that Hasan had “more unexplained connections to people being tracked by the FBI” than just Anwar al-Awlaki.  Hasan was investigated by the FBI after intelligence agencies intercepted at least 18 e-mails between him and Anwar al-Awlaki between December 2008 and June 2009. Even before the contents of the e-mails were revealed, terrorism expert Jarret Brachman said that Hasan’s contacts with al-Awlaki should have raised “huge red flags”. According to Brachman, al-Awlaki is a major influence on radical English-speaking jihadis internationally.  In one of the e-mails, Hasan wrote al-Awlaki: “I can’t wait to join you” in the afterlife. Hasan also asked al-Awlaki when jihad is appropriate, and whether it is permissible if innocents are killed in a suicide attack. In the months before the shooting, Hasan increased his contacts with al-Awlaki to discuss how to transfer funds abroad without coming to the attention of law authorities.

Drinking a 5’th or Pleading the 5’th

May 22, 2013

There’s a saying of which its origin is not defined on wiki-answers.

It’s the phrase “drunk with power.”

We all know what it means.

There’s a similar saying, which sounds more eloquent, we can attribute to Lord Acton, the historian and moralist who said, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

One of the interesting protections that our Constitution provides its citizens is in the 5’th Amendment, permitting us not to speak incriminating words against ourselves in a court of law.

With emphasis on the word “incriminating,” it looks as though Lois Lerner, a  leader at the IRS under the Obama Administration, won’t be telling Congress what really happened in their targeting of conservatives over the past few years.

Lois, you may be an American…but you’re acting more like a rogue alien, drunk with power.

By the end your day of questioning, most of us who want truth, will need a different kind of 5’th to calm our nerves.

We then will be drunk with frustration.

But we shouldn’t be surprised.

The CEO and CFO of Solyndra also pleaded the 5’th in front of Congress, when asked how it was they were given $500,000,000 by Obama’s Department of Energy, which they proceeded to squander in less than two years.

Coincidentally they were major contributors to Obama’s campaign…but we all know that’s just the evil republican in me trying to politicize things again, because I’m probably a racist, bigot, red-neck.  (for you folks in Hooterville, Mass, that’s sarcasm)

The closer one gets to Obama, the better chance he/she will need to plead the 5’th when asked about corruption in government.

But these are just the words of a man drunk on his own blog.