The Bishop in the Kitchen

If you know Berkshire County, there’s an iconic place we all love and take far too much for granted.

It’s the ITAM Lodge, overlooking glorious Pontoosuc Lake and Mount Greylock to the north.

Natalie and I were married at St. Mark’s and had our reception there, as did thousands of others through the years.

What makes it underrated, is they’ve always kept their pricing reasonable, in spite of the fact they offer the best views/location over any competitors around.

The main reason they’re affordable is that it’s a non-profit, run solely by the good Italian-Americans in our community.

Last night we capped off 100 years of faith at St. Mark’s Church, my home, on West St. in Pittsfield.

Much like the ITAM, St. Mark’s, with its inspiring Gothic architecture, rivals any cathedral in Europe, in terms of construction and warmth.

As the evening closed, our Bishop, Timothy McDonnell, a real down to earth soul, joked with the family at our table, then, to the shock of many Priests escorting him out, made a bee-line to the kitchen.

I couldn’t hear what he said, but I know his intent.

Like the waiters at the wedding feast of Cana, who filled the six stone jugs for purification with water, before Jesus turned them into wine…Bishop Tim sought out servants to remind them they too are worthy of witnessing God’s miraculous love.

I’m quite certain, in a clever way, the Bishop said something that made them feel they were on the inside with God’s man, just as the servants in Cana knew where the wine came from, while the rest of the guests were in the dark.

Lord, thank you for centuries of Truth, and for pouring yourself out like wine as a servant.

May we always remember to give thanks for the countless blessings in our lives.



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