The Random “Friend Request” on FB

O.K. folks–men especially–let me explain something about this new world we live in.

It’s easier than ever to pretend to be someone you’re not.

Those of us on Facebook have all received “friend requests” from smoking hot women.

Here’s what we call a clue.

If you go to their profile and see her current list of “friends” is less than 12, all guys, mostly with African names, something’s up.

Sadly, the real lovely young lady is a victim too.

Her images were easily accessed through her own page, then copied, and a new person, with a fake name and profile is created.

That new character then sends out thousands of “friend requests,” hoping gullible dopes like you or me fall into his/her trap, revealing enough information so our identity can be stolen, and credit cards created, with our names on them.

In many ways, that’s how sin works on our souls.

It pretends to be something it’s not, promising a good time, then leaves us with a burden of debt.

It looks beautiful at first glance, and because it appeals to our ego, we’re especially vulnerable–yet–when we let it into our lives, the purpose of that sin, inspired by our Enemy Satan himself, was to take us hostage.

Shame and guilt are painful, so is the loss of dignity, and those close, also damaged by our escapades, add to the misery.

Here’s a short list of things we can do if we’ve been sucked in by temptation.

1. Apologize…to God first–then to those we’ve offended.

2. Begin a more regular life of prayer–asking God for increased wisdom.

It always starts with us and ends with God–or the Enemy.

Whose “request” are you going to answer?

PS…Just for fun, message the “young lady” and ask him how the weather is in Lagos.


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