Big Papi and the Bigger Stick

For Red Sox fans, you know slugger Big Papi David Ortiz used a vulgar word,as he defended the Boston against the Marathon Bombers, speaking to the crowd before a game the day after the capture.

Neither the FCC or Major League Baseball is going to sanction him for his remark.

But, no matter who we are, when we break rules, there’s always someone with a bigger stick that could come along and straighten us out.

Though you don’t see it so often, there was a time when nuns were regulars in attendance at Fenway.

I wonder if Papi would’ve gotten away with his cursing if they were there?

My guess–he’d have gladly paid the FCC and Major League Baseball their fines to escape the ruler, shame and bruised knuckles, the good sisters would surely have doled out.

I realize big Papi’s heart was in the right place, but there’s a bigger message here…just because we get away with something on earth it doesn’t mean we’re free and clear with God.

nuns at baseball game (2)


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