New England Patriots Save Boston

For those who aren’t sure how things work in the law enforcement community, you may want to call the Head Quarters of the Mass State Police, or Boston PD, to hear it straight from them.

Without any official request for backup, the pursuit of the Boston Marathon bombers was not much different from the call to arms by Paul Revere and the dozens of riders who announced through the night “the British are coming.”

Dozens of agencies, from as far away as Pittsfield to the West, Concord, New Hampshire to the North and Cape Cod to the South, were all there with their SWAT Teams and heavy equipment.

A Boston cop sent me the captioned photo below.

I made the mistake of calling his house on Friday, while the punk terrorist was still at large.

His wife pointed a musket at me through the receiver and said;

He just went to bed and he’s been workin’ 30 ‘owahs’ straight.


Bottom line; it’s true the Bruins, Red Sox and Celtics all had games cancelled by an imminent threat…but when it came time to make things right…an all volunteer army of New England Patriots, working three shifts at a time, kicked butt and took names.

Game over.

Celtics Bruins Red Sox


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