Atheist Bill Maher in Fox-Hole

Just when you thought the tide of sentiment was getting ready to wash back out to sea, (I’m referring to cool-aid drunk liberals and their rush to blame American bigotry for the Boston Marathon bombings) one of their leaders, Bill Maher, lights up the Internet.

Is it because he attacked us red-necked toothless Phi-Beta-Kappa rejects?

Not at all.

A guest on his program tried to compare Jews/Christians to Muslims, with regard to our Billy Graham like love of violence.  (I know that makes no sense to most of you, but Mr. Graham has shattered as many hardened hearts in the last 100 years as anyone).

There’s a saying from World War II:

“There are no atheists in fox-holes.”

Maher embraces truth in his argument against his fact confused liberal guest.

Watch this video and see if you don’t agree with our friend in the fox-hole.

There is hope people.


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