Forget Heroes and Wounded–Let’s Talk About Bigots

For the few conservatives out there in Massachusetts and other liberal Meccas, you’re probably wondering when the other shoe is going to drop regarding the Boston Marathon bombing.

If you happen to be a friend of mine on Facebook, you may have seen it land on my ignorant toe last night.

And yes…I yelled ouch.

Here’s the bottom line folks…for most people in the Boston/Watertown/Cambridge area, of this beloved Commonwealth, the scars of war are still very fresh.

If you run into a left-leaning liberal, more concerned about the feelings of the Chechnyan people than he/she is about the facts, don’t let them get away with it.

Little children in Massachusetts have been killed and maimed by radical Muslim extremists, that’s a fact…yet we, the innocent bystanders, who just might have one or two drunken oafs living among us, who would harass a woman in a hijab for no good reason, must be lectured about tolerance and diversity.

O.K, let’s talk a bit about the diversity of the FBI, who, after being warned by the Russian government of older brother and non-citizen Tamerlan’s radical leanings, felt we needed to allow him to stay, to keep our country well diverse with various perspectives.

How’s that for watching out for the constituency?

As much as I’d like to blame Obama for this one, I dare say, he can’t be held directly accountable, as things at this level need to be delegated to the experts.

I’d like to add, if I’m the director of the FBI, and I have interviews with Tamerlan on file over the past few years, I might want to dust off my resume’.

Maybe the D.C. Walmart needs a new security adviser?

And one last thing…if you happen to be an elected official from Massachusetts, you may want to consider spending a wee bit of your time congratulating the company whose rescue vehicles appeared on TV for the last 5 days non-stop.

They were made in Massachusetts, in a sleepy little place called Pittsfield, by about 85 very hard-working blue-collar patriots…but…don’t mention that to your constituents, it might hurt the feelings of those who don’t believe in armored protection for the cops.


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