Liberating Watertown

April 19, 2013, from my perspective, will go down as the most surreal day I can ever recall…with the exception of course being September 11, 2001.

Difficult as it was to watch the explosions that happened on the day of the Marathon, those of us watching on TV had a hard time understanding the magnitude of the injuries.

As the story unfolded, more than 180 people were injured along with three killed.

While the FBI and police chased two terrorists around Watertown and Cambridge, after they murdered 26-year-old officer Sean Collier in cold blood, all I could think about was how dangerous a job it is to be a cop.

For those who believe the “militarization” of the police is actually happening, please tell me if you’d have felt more comfortable had our guys been running around like British Bobbies, wearing tall hats and carrying night sticks, minus guns?

Liberals (unless forced to pay complements to protect their public image–I’m referring to the one who when he previously spoke about this gang in blue said “they acted stupidly”) always forget the decision a cop makes to wear that badge is just like the decision a young enlisted man makes to join Uncle Sam’s Army.

There are no promises or guarantees for their safety.

When the carnage ended Friday night, and the people of Watertown took to the streets celebrating the parade of cops rolling out-of-town, it was reminiscent of the Americans who liberated France…complete with allied forces joining in the revelry…(State and local law enforcement from all over New England that is).

My heart and prayers go out to all who’ve suffered loss in this terrible tragedy.

May we learn that those who protect us need even more protection from liberal criticism.

My argument will continue to be this…”When have you ever seen a military unit equipped with a crisis negotiator sitting in the front seat of a rescue vehicle?”

The punk-monster deserved to be lit up in his non-floating refuge…but for the training and bravery of the cops who went for days without sleep–he lives.

Even his sheepish surrender on a vessel had a WWII feel about it.

Good job boys in blue…you’ve made us all very proud.

PS…let’s not forget the 12 boys in red who died in Texas fighting a factory fire…they need our support too.


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