Breaking News Breaking Concentration

If you’ve ever wondered why some blogs are barely worth reading it’s usually because I can’t concentrate.

Some might argue that blowhards like myself never make any sense…they all stink.

O.K., that would be a little bit mean, even I have a softer side.

Are you ready for this…I liked Obama’s speech at the Interfaith Prayer Service yesterday.

Scandalous right?

So you see, even the most evil conservative can be kind.

Here’s the bottom line…sometimes we have to pivot because the timing is right.

This is one of those times…I simply cannot concentrate on this blog because at this very moment news is breaking about the death of one of the Boston Marathon bombers who had a deadly gun fight with a Boston area cop.

Pray for the City of Boston and her first responders.

Their lives are in danger.


One Response to “Breaking News Breaking Concentration”

  1. dhuisjen2 Says:

    My first thought in looking at the picture of the suspect, is that he could pass for your son, Jim. Brings interesting thoughts to mind regarding who is “our sort” and who is “dangerous other.” Peace be with you. DH

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