Ban Obama from Boston

In the aftermath of an attack on American soil, no American, except Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama, want this tragedy to be about them.

In a completely bizarre and inappropriate way, our U.S. Senator, the woman who claims to be 1/32 Native American, decided she was needed at the Governor’s press conference yesterday, discussing the Boston Marathon bombing.

What were the first few words out of her mouth?

I still can’t believe what I heard.

It went something like this…and as you’re listening Romper Room fans, try to imagine her speaking through the “magic mirror” as she’s looking at the camera…it’s really not hard to visualize.

Our President, Barack Obama, within just a few hours of the attack, reached out to us…we didn’t even have to reach out to him…and I see the Murphys and the Clancys and the O’Donnells…

Really Liz?

Wow…I’ll bet when the attack on Pearl Harbor came, FDR never thought to call the Governor of Hawaii…he was far too preoccupied with his little Scottish Terrier.

And as for you Mr. President, that White House press release Monday, a photo of yourself on the phone with an official from the Department of Homeland Security, while mangled bodies were still being patched together, was about as appropriate as talking over how Obamacare will help those injured in the blast.

In case you haven’t noticed sir, the investigation is still ongoing.

Now you want to travel to Boston for a prayer vigil on Thursday?

Are you off your rocker?

How dare you take up the precious resources of the Boston and Mass State Police, who now have to look  after you sorry toosh, when they should  be scouring every inch of the City seeking the monster who pulled this off.

Wait…it’s all starting to make sense now…the two biggest egos in the country–Warren and Obama–have something in common that causes them to be such pompous hindquarters….Harvard University.

Never mind folks…they can’t help being drips…they’ve been brainwashed to believe they’re superior to the rest of us commoners without Cambridge addresses on our resume’.


2 Responses to “Ban Obama from Boston”

  1. Brandon Says:


    Love the blog, read it every day. I feel like Obama is in a no win zone here based on your description. If he decided not to attend the vigil, or show his support (in the form of visiting Boston) would we not be having the same argument about his absence or lack of support?

    Make sure Marissa knows I posted today, I’m sure it will give her a good laugh.

    Keep up the good blogging!

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