It’s Terrorism Mr. President

I know we’re supposed to rally around the flag after a tragedy like the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

We’re not allowed to politicize…that’s a bad thing.

Well…the same goes for the “de-politicization” of such an event.

Mr. President, you just don’t get it do you?

Why on earth would you stand up and try to encourage America by not calling this carefully planned attack “terrorism,” and talking about the “weight of justice?”

Those scales are meant for U.S. citizens…the fair trial…Miranda rights etc…not enemy combatants.

This is very likely the result of a foreigner, funded by a much larger non-American terrorist organization.

You also had the nerve to say we need to find out “why” they did what they did.

Are you kidding?

We don’t care “why” they did it…just more typical legal speak…trying to establish motive.

There’s no reason to repair an evil enemy of the State through psychotherapy.

Whenever terrorism strikes in America does it not seem like liberals are apologizing to the rest of us?

Last night I watched Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw pout about their mistakes, knowing they’ve made it a personal mission for the last 10 years, pressing the idea that Homeland Security funding was a complete waste of American tax dollars.

If you’re wondering how I know this, I was on NBC Nightly News back in 2005…every comment I made supporting more funding for first-responders was edited out.

Pray for America people, and pray harder that we find the leadership we need.

Between Obama and Governor Patrick, I couldn’t tell who looked more bummed out about their delusional legacy of perfection.

Gentlemen, this is not about you and we’re not looking to blame Americans.

What we want is swift retribution.


Raise your hand if you’re longing for a guy named W.


2 Responses to “It’s Terrorism Mr. President”

  1. susan wells Says:

    You sound like an idiot and thankfully are not a president.

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