The Ying and the Yang of Shackin’ Up

Every now and then I find myself in a real gym.

This time I thought I’d hang out with the muscled and bench press a little.

In the old days I spent time with a good group of guys from the Pittsfield YMCA.

The routine was the same, and for the most part, men who worked out were honest with each other about everything.

I decided to strike up a conversation with a gentleman who was doing reps with over 300 lbs….that’s a gorilla.

Since I was so out of shape I asked him to spot me…doing reps with 135lbs…pretty embarrassing I know…but better safe than sorry.

I told him I had family in the area, a son who was married and I then asked him, “What about you…are you married?”

His answer was quite typical.

“I’ve been living with the same girl for 3 years, but I’m trying to hold her off from marriage.”

Boy did he say that to the wrong guy.

“How old are you?”  I queried.

“35 and ironically I’m going to my buddy’s wedding tonight.”

Here’s what we all need to say from here on, or at least a variation of this.

“Listen friend, the best thing that could ever happen to you on this earth is to get married and raise a family…the joy of children far outweigh any other burden in life…you buy that girl a diamond and start enjoying fatherhood.”

Then I picked up my little gym bag and said “See ya later.”

It doesn’t matter how strong one is regarding muscles or dumbbells.

What matters is for both men and women not to get sucked in to that idiotic ying and yang of shackin’ up.

The girl moves in with the guy thinking it’s a stepping stone to marriage.

The guy moves in with the girl thinking he can stave her off from pressing for marriage.

The end result is the same…malfunction and resentment.

If you’re that curious about what a woman or man would be like to live with, go to their house and check out what their bedroom looks like.

If it’s completely trashed and disgusting, that’s what you’ll get, even with a wedding ring.

And ladies, if a guy looks good, but his heart is selfish on the inside, you’ll know that too…don’t let him drink the milk without paying for the cow.

You’re both better off than you know without an X on your resume’.


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