If You Could See the Future

My family was a huge fan of a TV Program that originated in the 90’s called Early Edition, starring Kyle Chandler.

If you’ve never seen it I highly recommend you check out the pilot below, from YouTube, and watch it from the beginning.

The premise is a young man living in Chicago, whose life is crumbling because he’s going through divorce.

Somehow and inexplicably he begins to receive the local paper one day in advance.

He sees the news in print before it happens.

In spite of his personal woes, the truth about people dying in car accidents or muggings etc…is so compelling, he puts himself out there and tries to stop the tragedies from happening.

Of course, being human, each day he laments his burden, but then, after a few episodes realizes this is his calling.

It’s important for us to remember that the Bible is like tomorrow’s newspaper today.

Everything that God says will happen is fact, not fiction.

Souls that die separated from God are about to spend eternity mangled and mugged by evil.

Yes, it’s a heavy responsibility we bare, yet, God’s joy is our strength.

Like the character Gary Hobson, in Early Edition, God gives us helpers.

They may not be impressive, but seeing what God can do, weak and frail as we all are, makes us a bit like misfit superheroes.

Read the Acts of the Apostles and you’ll see where Early Edition got it’s start.


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