In Case You Don’t Remember Jonathon Winters

I feel like I owe an apology to Jonathon Winters, the comedian who died yesterday…not to mention, the one I owe my kids.

I always enjoyed sharing memories from my childhood, with Luke, Marisa and Marc, so they could experience the same things that brought me joy.

Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music were my first successful experiments–on VHS.

I may not be totally to blame, since there was no YouTube in the 80’s, nor do I remember seeing any VHS tapes of Jonathon Winters.

I have a very simple agenda today.

Remember to share whatever you found hilarious in your youth with your kids and grand-kids.

There’s a good chance you’ll be able to watch it together without cringing.

For that I say, “thank you Jonathon”…you were my favorite comedian.

My mom and dad loved you too, and I have not one memory of feeling uncomfortable when you told a joke.

That would be a rarity today.


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