Opposite Day–Heterophobes/Christophobes/Fetophobes

For those of you with a conservative mind-set, you know that your very existence means you’re a “hater” (a relatively new word).

Isn’t it great?

I thought it might be interesting to try turning the tables with some even newer words, just to see how it plays out.

The next time anyone criticizes your position on traditional marriage, I want you to call them a Heterophobe…be sure you furrow your eyebrows and point at the top of their head too.

The next time anyone makes fun of you for believing in Jesus, I want you to call them a Christophobe…and if you tear up, don’t hide it…you’d be surprised how powerful streaks of water down your cheek can be.

Finally, the next time you’re beaten down for saying you love the unborn, write a letter to the editor naming the Fetophobe who bullied you.

Words are powerful.

Once we embrace God’s, praying for the Wisdom Christ guaranteed by submitting to It, only then are we prepared to defend our faith.

Here’s one last theory…that person challenging you the most, just might be the one most desperately seeking salvation.

Like that girl you had a crush on in Junior High, to whom you were too afraid to speak, who you see at your 35-year class reunion…when you finally tell her the truth, she blurts out…

“Really?…Me too!”

The opposite of what the world wants us to think is far more likely the Truth.


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