Jesus and the Mallo Cup Coupons

For those who know anything about my past, you’re aware I practically grew up inside a giant candy warehouse.

My Grandfather, Louis N. Massery I, began reselling cartons of candy to little stores in the Pittsfield area, way back in 1920.

He called his company White Star Confectionery, and his business dream survived three generations, until it was finally closed in 1992.

We were always the house on the street that had the biggest and newest candy bars to give out on Halloween.

And if any of us needed sweets for an occasion, we simply just had to ask.

For some strange reason, my older brother Louis N. Massery II, thought it would be fun to save Mallo Cup coupons, so he could redeem them for a free box of six more.

It seemed a bit silly to go through the effort, especially since he really didn’t even have to pay for them as a kid…Dad would give him whatever he wanted.

My theory about my brother is simple; he loved Mallo Cups–the coupons were there anyway–why throw them out?

A few years ago, the Boyer Company of Altoona, PA, tried to stop their coupon program for Mallo Cups and Smoothies etc…but hundreds of customers complained and persuaded Boyer to reinstate it.

There’s a story about Jesus that always confused me.

When He’s at the wedding feast in Cana and the wine runs out, His mother asks Him what He plans to do about it.

His reply was “Woman, what is that issue to you and me?”

Mary ignored Jesus and told the servants “Do whatever He tells you.”

Jesus then proceeds to turn water into wine and perform His first miracle.

As I thought about the Mallo Cup money, and my brother, for some people, who have connections, coupons aren’t really that important, yet they still use them because it sets a good example for others not to permit waste.

Jesus didn’t need to perform that miracle in Cana, as it was one of convenience for a wedding party…hardly a life threatening or soul saving issue.

Yet, because it was His mother who was the one asking, Christ could not waste an opportunity to teach Truth.

The first Commandment with a promise is; Honor Your Father and Mother.

We need more of that today.

Society is crumbling because the morals brought to us from so many good people of our past, are being ignored and now deliberately rejected.

Many young children today don’t know the basics of etiquette…or even the simplest expressions like “please and thank you.”

Holiness and reverence for all things decent is becoming anathema.

Modernism has grown so large that now one is considered “hateful” and “bigoted” for embracing old traditions.

Jesus embraced an old tradition too…obedience to His Father…which ultimately got Him crucified, because He refused to deny Who He was to the Sanhedrin and Pilate.

Listen world…true Christians won’t deny who we are either.

Go ahead and crucify us; to followers of Christ it’s a badge of honor.

But heed this warning…if you take your modernism and try to cash it in at the Gates of Hell, don’t be surprised when you get back an empty box…one you’ll have to ponder for all eternity.


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